Compucall Congratulates Motti Nissim

30 ,December, 2009 From Alex Chernorudsky

Compucall congratulates Motti Nissim for passing the new Google Advertising Fundmanetals exam.

“The exam was harder than expected, but very challenging. It certainly raises the bar for people looking for official accreditation. I’m happy to be among the first few people in the country to pass this exam”, said Motti right after completing the exam.

The 2 hour long exam contains 120 questions. The new exam is designed to be more rigorous and strategy-oriented and covers all current products and best practices to help run and manage AdWords campaigns.

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Google Ads Introduces Hard Alcohol and Liqueurs

9 ,December, 2008 From Ohad Marom

Google AdWords blog announced a change in policy regarding the advertisement of hard alcohol and liqueurs. A few months ago Google allowed advertising beer in Google AdWords, and now the ads have expanded to hard alcohol and liqueurs. The one stipulation that Google has is that the ads be used for branding and marketing exposure only, and they should not be used for the purpose of selling directly.

Google Vodka Ad

Google Vodka Ad

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Behavioral targeting and PPC

22 ,October, 2008 From

As you know two members of our team have just passed the Google Adwords Qualified Professionals test with flying grades (and we knew they would :) ).

Following their successful passing of the accreditation and the results we see every day from the PPC campaigns they manage, I have asked them some key questions about the way they use web analytics to improve the campaigns’ ROI.

During our conversation we started to compare the various ways people advertise their products today. Whether it be by “traditional” methods like TV, radio and print or by online campaigns like Adwords, advertisers are constantly looking for ways to increase their conversion rates and ROI. This is when the discussion took a turn towards behavioral targeting and the possibility to retarget visitors. So I decided to write about retargeting and PPC instead. Read More »

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