Search Marketing Digest – 31.10.2011

  • Highlights

    Does Google consider SEO to be spam?

    Matt Cutts answers the question: “Does Google consider SEO to be spam?”. Hint: it’s not!

  • Search Marketing

    Keys To Understanding Search Marketing & User Intent

    It has always been a mistake to think of search marketing as just a battle of data and algorithms. Understanding why people search is a valuable part of your online marketing strategy.

  • Web Analytics

    Do’s and don’ts of call to action pages

    An effective call to action page can increase conversions and signups by a hundred percent or more (sometimes much more). Here are more than a dozen do’s and don’ts for crafting great call to action pages. In general, they’re not difficult to design well, but there are certain guidelines that sometimes run counter to a designer’s instincts, or what might work on other kinds of pages.

  • Tech

    YouTube Announces Channels

    After months of speculation with almost no official confirmation, YouTube has finally announced its long-awaited channel strategy in a post to the company’s blog late Friday evening.

  • Magazine

    Are new technologies making us happier?

    What is it about access to technology that makes us crave it? My friend quit Foursquare last Christmas the same day he quit Snus. He’s off the Snus, but back on the Foursquare. If we’re deriving such pleasure from technology, why do people feel like they need to give it up? Has our digital happiness become just as important as our “in real life happiness”?

Editor: Aviv Manoach

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