SES London with an Avinash Cherry on Top – Day 1

16 ,February, 2010 From Ohad Marom

Avinash started with a bang (as only he knows how) as the first keynote speaker of SES London 2010.  Web Analytics has never sounded so exciting (don’t get me wrong,  I love analytics)…

Avinash keynote speech at SES London 2010

Avinash keynote speech at SES London 2010

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View through metrics in online campaigns

24 ,November, 2008 From Ohad Marom

On Monday, Nov 17th COMSCORE announced the viability of view-through metrics as a key performance indicator for Web advertising.

According to their announcement:

“The comScore norms data provide compelling empirical support for the belief that there is a quantifiable view-thru impact of online ad exposures on brand value and sales.”

View Through metrics – what does it mean and how does it work?

View-throughs, or post-impressions as they are also known, generally refer to online conversions that result from a user seeing an ad online but not clicking on it at that moment.

View-throughs work by leaving a cookie on a visitor’s computer when they are exposed to a banner. Then, when that visitor goes to the site that was advertised on the banner, the system looks up the cookie and can identify the site on which the banner was seen. This way the conversion (if there is one) could be accredited to the relevant banner.

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